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Corporate Philosophy

Employees during a conversation

More than 250 designers, developers and test engineers are involved worldwide at eleven locations in the (mobile) relationships between people to their urban habitats and their vehicles: Here the team deals with ease of use, comfort and reliability in form and function embedded in an attractive design and sustainable concepts.

Design, development and testing form one single source - supported by services for scenario transfer, innovation and project management. With the refinement of creativity techniques, the adjustment to market surveys and analysis of tests with probands, we are first in mind of our customers in terms of the future.
Curious? Then dive into the world of your options with imat-uve.

What a difference does a company like imat-uve make?
When you visit a company that has been achieving great success, you can feel a special climate – the corporate culture!
For dynamic markets a behavioral culture like "For work certain rules must be obeyed." does not fit. Why is that? Because the staff often needs to decide flexibly and autonomously in our market-oriented environment.

Autonomous action does not fit to fixed rules, but it is always driven by existing values. If autonomous decisions lead to a competitive performance, a strong background of values ​​in the company is required. On this point imat-uve differs from most other companies.

We find it important that our employees can tell easily what they think.
We find it important that our employees show interest on new ideas and initiate improvement.
We find it important that our employees try new ways of working and discuss non-compliant approaches.
We find it important that our employees have exchange with each other, but also with third parties and try to get every information available.
We find it important that our managers promote and lead these goals.

For our clients, our philosophy easily gets significant:
We think it important that you have as little effort as possible in the implementation of your tasks at imat-uve. For you, this means a simple, convenient process of your orders.
That means specifically:
No changing contact.
Easy accessibility and feedback of your contact from us.
Clear information in reports and documentaries.
Clearly understandable advice.
Solution-oriented processing of complaints.

Perfection does not exist, but over 70% of our clients rate the feature "easy order processing" at imat-uve with "good to very good" (current customer survey based on 2018/2019). This motivates us - you love it!