Color & Trim

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Color & Trim Design - Appealing all the senses

Research, design, and development of all interior and exterior colors and materials used on a vehicle is what our color & trim designers offer. Their challenge is to combine materials and colors to a harmonic experience appealing to all senses. Based on a broad knowledge about paints and all kinds of material, such as fabrics, leather, plastics, carpets, wood trim, and so on, our designers turn color, contrast, texture, and pattern into a unique environment.

Inspiration is drawn from other design disciplines such as industrial design, fashion, home furnishing, architecture and product design. Identifying future trends is one of the most important parts of this work. With mood boards we set the ideas into a holistic frame from which we further develop concepts with our clients. Models help refining and testing the ideas to practical use. On all stages of development and production we provide car clinics for validation purposes. This tool for market research selects test persons to survey the image and acceptance of new car or interior concepts in terms of design, material and quality perception.