Design Engineering

Photo collage on the subject of design engineering

We support our customers from the initial idea to the finished product along the entire value chain. Our designers put the idea into reality, even to the start of production. Important are the correct choice of materials, an attractive design and high quality manufacturing. All these aspects we consider in consultation with our customers.

The design engineering is the basis for any development. 3D-CAD models help in assessing the realizability of products and components.

In the concept phase, different ideas are introduced and reviewed and then the best solution is implemented using advanced technological means.

Even after the creation of documents that are needed for production, such as 3D data, standardized drawings and parts lists sentences, we are here for you. To manage changes in construction or to accompany the production, our engineers stand close to the customer. We support you with supplier audits, mold inspections, procurement of materials and tools, and initial sample testing.

Our services from design to manufacturing:

  • Product development
  • Product optimization
  • Technical consulting
  • Technical documentation
  • Visualization / rendering / models / prototypes

Special knowledge of requirements in the automotive sector

Construction of testing equipment

We build test devices according to standard requirements of the automotive industry. We are also developing test methods and test equipment.


We build prototypes, exhibition and display models and offer complete solutions from consulting to manufacturing of prototypes. Production is carried out taking into account all  common processes.


We carry out FEM calculations, modal analysis, vibration analysis and structural mechanics simulations. In addition, we can provide flow analysis with CFD. It offers the services for preprocessing, solver and post-processing. Based on the results of these studies optimizing the design can be made.

Construction of component parts

For the automotive interior as well as for the exterior, we develop components in accordance with all applicable industry standards. Our material library, which combines a wide range of materials with technical material characteristics, helps us to find innovative and cost-effective solutions for our customers.


By rendering, we can turn 2D or 3D models into graphic volume models, animations or a video sequences. High power capacity ensures speed and excellent quality.