Material Development

Under the headline i-motion we bundle our development focus on the customized life span of new materials, climate comfort and ergonomics, quality and health in our competency centers.

The company’s material library supports the combination of the design and development perspectives with data of technical performance of material.

Photo collage on the subject of material development and prototyping

In the context of customized life span, imat-uve experiments with new materials in the context of different natural and artificial load situations (load spectrum). We not only test possible implications of various climatic and mechanical impacts in the laboratory, but also in the context of outdoor exposure.

Our development engineers rather focus on being able to predict the life span and to numerically simulate different load situations with regard to the possible effect on the life span of materials and construction elements. For this purpose, our engineers deal with different numerical simulation models.

However, it is also about the simulation of technical trends compared with technical feasibility, such as the influence of changed materials and textile constructions due to new design concepts on the target levels of seat-climate-comfort.