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Here you can find a changing selection of innovative materials and surfaces for diverse applications. If you are interested in a material, we can develop it for your specific requirements.

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3D – Ceramic Coating

The patent-pending ceramic coating is a high-performance coat that sets new benchmarks in optics, wear and protection. Characteristics like stain, antibacterial or fire resistance expand the possibilities of the product design and the application areas. The material can be used for example for car seat covers or trim parts in vehicles.


Material characteristics:


  • Micro armor
  • Flame-retardant
  • Antibacterial
  • FC-equipment
  • Flexible
  • Multicolor
  • Individual design
  • 3D-coating
  • Exclusive top coatings
  • Water-resistant (lotus effect)
  • ESD, electro conductive
Thin slate with real stone surface

It is a veneer with a real stone surface. The thin slate looks and feels like stone. Many wafer thin slates can be produced by an innovative method from some of the worlds beautiful slate blocks. Each single plate is unique, which keeps the feel and the optic of a whole slate plate.

Diverse projects can be realized because of the material on the stone site shows all characteristics like real stones. However, it is also incredible flexible and lightweight. There is no application limits. The stones material consists of ca. 0,1- 1,4 mm thin coat and the substrate consists of glass reinforced polyester to guarantee the stability of the stone.


Material characteristics:

  • Flexible
  • Deformable
  • Non-flammable
  • Unique and individual surface patterns
  • smooth or rough-split surface structures
  • looks and feels like stone
Functional Nonwoven

The revolutionary 100% polyester nonwoven combines state-of-the-art spinning technology with fiber orientation and is manufactured in a complex process. Compared with other spunbonded materials, significantly thinner grades are available, with a basis weight between 5g/m² to 60g/m² and thicknesses of about 50 μm to 130 μm. The functional nonwoven is available in two variants that differ in the orientation of the polyester fibers. The material not only convinces with its unique look, but also with its silky surface. It is therefore ideal for applications with visual effects, such as interior decoration, decorative packaging or textiles.

Material characteristics:

  • breathable
  • dimensionally stable
  • robust
  • decorative
  • colorable, printable, coatable
  • highly tear-resistant
  • very lightweight
  • silky touch
Reinforcing Scrim

The open-mesh polyolefin scrim is made in a highly complex process that begins with co-extrusion and ends with a high-profile lattice scrim made of cross-laminated strands. The reinforcing scrim may be used as a packaging material due to its high breathability and may serve as a reinforcement for other materials such as paper, foil, nonwoven or foam. The versatile combination options offer numerous options for product development and performance enhancements for a wide variety of applications. Used as a barrier, the scrim shows, for example, excellent noise-reducing, sound-damping effect. The reinforcing fabric is available in a basis weight of 15 g/m² to 47 g/m².

Material characteristics:

  • unique appearance
  • high breathability and (light) permeability, with up to 70% open area
  • dimensionally stable
  • thin and lightweight, yet stiff
  • water- and chemicals resistant
  • laminating and welding