Oberflächenprüfungen imat ON AIR

imat ON AIR: "Mechanical and surface testing"

On November 24, 2021 we invite you to our online talk imat ON AIR. Learn about essential testing methods for surfaces. Register here for free! 


Displays a woman's face with smoke cloud

Online Seminar "Emissions and Odor in the Vehicle Interior"

In two sessions you will learn everything you need to know about material emissions and the corresponding requirements for car interiors.


"Fibers unsorted" imat-uve

“Fiber unsorted” at DutchDesignWeek 2021

At one of the biggest design events in Europe imat takes part with the exhibition of a game-changing textile recycling project.

Eindhoven, NL

3rd Expert Conference of the Revierknoten

The online conference focuses on the resource change in the Rhineland region.


Fibers Unsorted

Hightech yarns from old clothes

imat-uve shows recycled yarns and fabrics for car interior

Mönchengladbach / Germany

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