3rd Expert Conference of the Revierknoten

The online conference focuses on the resource change in the Rhineland region.


Fibers Unsorted

Hightech yarns from old clothes

imat-uve shows recycled yarns and fabrics for car interior

Mönchengladbach / Germany

Mischfaserrecycling imat ON AIR

"Recycled textiles in open-end spun yarn"

Online talk with Texperium on recycled textiles in open-end spinning processes.


imat ON AIR

imat ON AIR "How to evaluate odor in the vehicle interior"

Get to know the fundamentals of odor perception and odor measurement at this online seminar which gives a detailed and well-founded overview. 


EcoMotion Week 2021

EcoMotion Week 2021

Meet the imat-uve spin-off Brain of Materials as part of the VDA Delegation.


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