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On the last day of school, the CodeClubMG had two reasons to celebrate. In addition to the long-awaited summer vacations, the team also received a donation cheque in the garden of the Gymnasium am Geroweiher of the city of Mönchengladbach.

The CodeClubMG has set itself the goal of promoting digital education among students. imat-uve has been supporting the activities for a long time, as this also enables the company to recruit young talents for its own ranks. Several former CodeClub members have already been recruited as employees in software development (see picture).

We are happy to have you on board! Many thanks to Felix Nattermann, the initiator of CodeClubMG, for the great cooperation. We hope many more joint activities will follow.

With the help of the donations, the CodeClub wants to purchase new computers, projectors or even film equipment to stay up to date with the latest technology.

For more information, visit or take a look behind the scenes: Video from WDR:

Picture 1 (from left to right: Levi Beeck, Martin Horst, Marco Berg, Felix Nattermann, Roger Hermasch, Torben Wittek)

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