“Fiber unsorted” at DutchDesignWeek 2021


Fibers Unsorted

Fashion is one of the most polluting industries.
Every second, the volume of a truck full of clothing ends up in landfill. Only a minor share of this waste re-enters our daily lives as low-quality materials, such as insulation. This mountain of waste isn’t solely an environmental eyesore, it’s a nearly inexhaustible material source for new beginnings. Although there is a lot of discarded textile to work with, turning this goldmine into durable high-quality materials is extremely challenging. Textile waste isn’t only high in volume, it contains several types of fibers, materials, colors and quality levels, which are impossible to sort industrially. Despite the enormous mountain ahead, imat-uve and a few partners decided to take up the challenge of developing recycled yarn from waste textiles that meet the highest industrial standards. The project is funded by the Interreg program Germany-Netherlands.

For the launch of this new yarn, imat reached out to Envisions to translate these processed fibers into tangible suggestions of applications. Applying Envisions’ distinctive hands-on approach - with exceptional attention to color, material, and tactility -Lifting the collaborative aspect of this project to higher grounds, the process of all participating Envisionaires merges into an immersive installation that evokes a familiar, automotive-inspired atmosphere. This visual link is deliberate, given that automotive materials must meet the highest standards.

Visit us at #DDW21 from October 16 - 24, 2021!

Find further information and get tickets for the event here.

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