Strategic partnership reinforces global growth

CTI Germany Holding GmbH & Co. KG, a wholly owned subsidiary of Chinese leading TIC service provider Centre Testing International Group Co., Ltd. (CTI), officially announced the completion of the merger with German automotive service provider imat-uve group GmbH. CTI Germany from now on holds 90 percent of the imat-uve shares. The remaining 10 percent remain with one of the existing shareholders, Hans-Willi Müller, who will continue to manage the business.

The transaction marks a strategy step for CTI in the automotive testing service segment, strengthening CTI’s position in the automotive industry both domestically and abroad, driving continued growth and ensuring long term job creation for both companies.

KRAIBURG TPE becomes material partner of Brain of Materials

KRAIBURG TPE, the global manufacturer of thermoplastic elastomer compounds, will in future use the wide range of possibilities offered by the digital platform Brain of Materials as a material partner. This will enable the company to make its innovative materials with all their technical data directly available to developers and manufacturers from various industries for integration into product development processes.



Recycling of old clothes made from mix fibers

In a project funded by Interreg, imat-uve and its partners from the border region Germany-Netherlands are developing a mechanical process for industrial recycling of old clothes made from mixed fibers. The developed yarns could be used for automotive applications, for example as seat covers.



INTERREG project on mixed fiber recycling started

Consortium led by imat-uve develops industrial standard for yarns made of old textiles

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