high precision micropunch

Precise and simple sample preparation for VDA 278

Customers worldwide trust in imat-uve's many years of experience in the field of emissions and odor. The portfolio includes a wide range of test methods that identify and quantify odorous substances and VOC emissions.

Here, the analysis technique according to VDA 278 is one of the most frequently required emission test methods for materials used in automotive interiors.

To make the test procedure simpler and more precise, imat-uve has developed an innovative concept for producing the test specimens required for this.

The imat high precision micropunch can be used to create precisely fitting sample pieces in standard geometries for tests of direct material thermaldesorption (“VDA 278 test”).

Compared to a conventional hole punch, the samples are cut with very high precision. The device allows the removal of test specimens which are optionally optimized for the different requirements of the subsequent test (by weight or dimensions).

The imat high precision micropunch is multifunctional in sample preparation.

A quick-change adapter enables a cylindrical punched body to be manufactured to fit exactly with one of the cutoff holes. In addition, the “double strip tool” developed by imat makes it possible to create sample strips easily and precisely. The changeover of the device from cylinder to strip punching is possible in a few seconds, even for inexperienced users.