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Title Description
Washout effect Discolouration of organic materials due to elastomers (paint indifference) - Washout effect
Water absorption Water absorption
Water repellency (shower method) General method - Water repellency for textile materials (e.g. GM/Opel GMW 4726, Mazda MES MN 400X § 7.20)
Water resistance (water permeability) General method - water resistance (water permeability) / eg. Honda 8360Z-TR0-A000 § 6-4
Weight Weight
Weight change after storage in test medium Weight change after storage in test medium
Weight determination Weight determination
Weld corrosion - Evaluation degree of rusting Daimler - coating / painting for components: assessment of degree of rusting / Weld corrosion (general method)
Wicking Wicking
Woolmark TM 31 - Dimensional change Woolmark test method - Washing of wool textile products; Dimensional change
WSS-M8P3-E1/E2/E3: Performance, Flexible polymeric film, Interior For materials used as interior trim coverings for seats, door panels, headlining and other applications.