Environmental Simulation

As complete supplier of environment simulations, constant and alternating climate tests, exposures, seasoning / hot-light ageing, UV-stability tests as well as endurance tests we provide a broad spectrum for the testing and development of materials, building and vehicle components.

Photo collage on the subject of environmental simulation

The intensive cooperation in various standard workshops and committees takes our know-how to the latest state of the art and allows the constant further development of testing methods. The most recent releases were issued by BMW for the sun simulation method BMW PR 306.5 for interior fittings as well as by Porsche for the sun simulation method DIN 75220 in the context of the Porsche specification sheet PTL 4180.

As one of the few service providers we also conduct infrared irradiation for temperature endurance tests for building components according to the standards of Hyundai/LIA as well as Ford and General Motors / Opel. imat-uve operates test chambers with test space volumes from 0.5 l to 46 m3 at various locations in order to comply with the diverse methods as well as remaining flexible regarding the diverse demands of customers regarding the size of building components and/or chassis.


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