imat odorbase

Does your material not meet the odor specification?

You probably know the situation: One of your material samples does not meet the strict odor requirements of the specification. You have to act, but you don't know where to start.
From now on we support you at this point with a new service. In order to be able to optimize materials regarding odor, we have developed an extensive database for our customers - the imat odorbase. Based on their odor tolerance levels, we differentiate between strongly odor-active substances and those that can only contribute to the odor to a lower level. Taking into account the emission behavior of your samples, the results provide very specific information as to which specific substances you should consider as possible causes of the odor.

Now you also can benefit from the imat odorbase:

  • We identify odor relevant emissions and "quantify" the composition of the odor.
  • We help you to optimize the material regarding odor behavior.

if you want to know more about imat odorbase and the whole process please contact us at odorbase@imat-uve.de!


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