Outdoor Weathering

Outdoor tests are part of the most important material, component and vehicle tests. With imat-uve you can examine and secure the function and life span of structural elements, components and vehicles, such as lacquered and/or laminated or leather covered test pieces and elements, electronic components or entire cockpits fitted in a test body, under arid climate (dry-heat zone) as well as under maritime climate (wet-hot zone).

Photo collage on the subject of outdoor weathering

We investigate chemical and physical ageing phenomena, color and sheen changes as well as de-lamination effects, deformations, mass changes and gap dimensions. We also focus on function failure in our investigations. The outdoor exposure trials at imat-uve are generally conducted in the Kalahari Desert in South Africa at own test zones. However, our engineers coordinate outdoor exposure trials in other regions of the earth in accordance with specific customer requests. As well as the actual outdoor exposure, our engineers also handle the preparation of test structures and the assembly of elements, components and vehicles with the necessary sensors. We also organize the pick-up of components and vehicles, including customs clearance and transport to the required test zone.
imat-uve also develops and builds solar boxes for specific requirements.


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