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Management board of imat-uve
Management board of imat-uve: (from left to right) Dr. Hans Peter Schlegelmilch, Hans-Willi Müller, Eva Trienekens-Daems

imat-uve gmbh
Designing, developing, testing and analyzing for the visions of the future.

imat-uve is an innovative, independent development and engineering company that supports its customers from the initial idea to the finished product along the entire process chain. This includes project identification, design and development up to testing of materials, components and systems. In addition to that, project management and personnel deployment round off the services.

In terms of the vehicle interior, for imat-uve, the material is in the focus. Material is not only the basic substance for the products and components in automotive interiors. Material conveys emotions and values, triggers memories and experiences. The interplay of design, material and surfaces affects the sensory perception of interiors. Look, feel, sound, smell - all that is perceived by our senses, consciously or unconsciously, and creates dislike or well-being.

Engineers, designers and developers assist imat-uve’s clients at the interfaces between design, engineering and production, along the entire value chain from idea to finished product, locally and globally. An extensive library of classic and innovative materials and surfaces as well as the many years of experience in testing and development of materials and components enable the company to evaluate materials not only from a design point of view but also regarding technical feasibility.

The need for cost optimisation and sustainability in the automotive industry results into specific issues regarding materials and surfaces. How to make the balance between cost and quality of the material? How can you substitute materials without changing the required properties? How does the end user perceive quality? On individual solutions for all of these questions imat-uve focuses with its services around material and surfaces. "The link between library and technical performance of the materials is one of our unique selling points," says Dr. Hans Peter Schlegelmilch, CEO of imat-uve group gmbh. "We are refining, for example, existing materials so that they can replace others without changing the certain appearance of the original. This mainly is of interest in the mass market. In the premium segment, our designers and developers can bring in more innovative, high-quality materials that help to characterize the individuality of a brand. "

In addition to its headquarters in Mönchengladbach imat-uve group has subsidiaries in Germany, China, the U.S. and South Africa.